TechCON X + BIM - (export project to IFC)

Projekt support for BIM in TechCON X - on sale now!

Projects created in TechCON can be exported to the IFC format.

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How does BIM work in TechCON ?


If you are worried about switching to BIM projects, don't worry!
You have been doing all of your TechCON projects in BIM without even realising it since 2014.

TechCON is built on the BIM principle from the ground up:
1. you always draw the whole project in 3D
2. you compose the project from 3D objects and each is filled with data - i.e. from BIM objects.

So you don't need to do anything at all to create a BIM project in TechCON.
You just need to draw the project and debug the calculations as you do all the time.
Then simply export the debugged project to the IFC format.
TechCON converts the entire project into BIM objects and then saves them in IFC format.

What is the IFC format?

The IFC format is an interchange format designed for BIM projects.
It can be imported into programs such as Revit, Allplan, Linear, ArchiCAD, etc.,
so you can insert your entire system into existing BIM projects.
Your clients can also easily view the project in IFC format in various free browsers.
(such as Autodesk Viewer, SolidWorks, etc.)

What are the advantages of exporting from TechCON compared to directly creating a project in Revit,

for example?

Unlike a project created in Revit, the export from TechCON contains all available data in the BIM objects:

- Basic details of the building: floor, room, height from the floor, etc.
- Current calculation data of the object: water temperature, flow rate, flow velocity, valve setting, etc.
- Comprehensive technical data of the object: pipe roughness, material, thermal conductivity, performance, coefficients, etc.

For each BIM object in TechCON it is also possible to:
- select which properties to export
- add any number of properties for each BIM object independently


However, the export to IFC is far from the end !

As this is a large issue and a time consuming solution, we have split the development for BIM support into multiple phases
so that we can deliver BIM support on an ongoing basis.

Plan for the development of the BIM module in TechCON:

1st phase - early 2023 Export of heating, water supply and sewerage project to IFC format
2nd phase - year 2024

Features for collision resolution and pipeline bypassing, intermediate floors, 
real height of the floors with smoothing of the height of the floor constructions


A sample of projects exported from TechCON to IFC: